Commemorating Clontarf through the centuries

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How do we mark a battle that killed thousands of men?

Since the battle a thousand years ago (that was of course, not live tweeted), generations of Irish people have had different points of view about how to mark the occasion. As a result, each commemoration event is more a reflection of the various social and political viewpoints of the time, rather than possibly being an accurate description of what actually happened.

Trinity College Dublin have collated the ways in which the battle has been remembered from medieval to modern times in their comprehensive Battle of Clontarf website.

Of course the pivotal years in more recent times, 1914 and 2014, carry more weight than others.

From 1014 to 1914…

The last major milestone in commemoration of the event happened in 1914. History Hub presents an enlightening look at what happened, 100 years ago. (30min video)

Video credit: The video is the second in a two-part History Hub series on the Battle of Clontarf, funded by UCD School of History and Archives and is a Real Smart Media production.

In 2014…

There are almost too many events to count happening around Ireland.

For the full list, check out

www.brianborumillennium.ie/     @BoruBrian1014
www.clontarf.ie/2014       @Clontarf2014

Among the events will be the largest Viking village and living history battle re-enactment ever produced in Ireland. This weekend, 600 viking reenactors from more than 15 countries will descend on Clontarf. All the details and schedule are here.  For a sneak peak at a couple of photos of the battlefield before the carnage begins, take a look at @ger_ryan‘s Twitter feed.

The 1014Retold team will be spending Saturday running Ireland’s first ever live Wikipedia edit-a-thon to improve the pages related to the Battle of Clontarf. So maybe on Sunday we’ll be able to catch a bit of the Viking action in Clontarf!

As Wednesday 23rd is the actual anniversary of the battle, we’re planning to have a tweet-up that night (somewhere in Dublin yet to be decided), bringing 1014Retold followers together to meet up in person (no fighting please).

How will you be commemorating this 1000 year old battle?
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