The Approach

header_background-redhandFXThe story of the Battle of Clontarf has inspired countless stories, sagas, poems, songs, movies comic books and more.

But somewhere over the course of a millennium, much of the detail of the events surrounding the battle has become lost, warped or forgotten.

Personal, political, nationalistic or moralistic versions of the tale have since proliferated.

In sifting through the facts and the fictions, we became very conscious of something that historians and historical storytellers alike must confront – the reality that sometimes huge gaps occur in our knowledge of events in the distant past.

While not wishing to dumb down our retelling or to overly fictionalise it, we soon realised that in order to make our story interesting and engaging, we were going to have to deal with these gaps imaginatively, especially when it came to such subjective matters as how people felt about events, insights into their motives, their reactions, and so on.

Acknowledging the necessity to creatively fill in blanks, we have attempted to keep our story as authentic, accurate and credible as possible.

Drawing from both modern and traditional SOURCES we have attempted to tread a middle ground between the dull recital of historical facts and the embroidering of a colourful fantasy yarn.