The team behind 1014 Retold is made up of producer Sabina Bonnici and creative director Alan Doherty.

Self-confessed history geek Alan approached self-confessed digital story geek Sabina to partner up and produce a retelling of this 1000 year old story.

Digging into traditional story sources of the battle that are now available digitally, such as the Cogad Gaeil re Gallaib, Njalls Saga, and Annals of the Four Masters, the team were surprised to discover a rich, interwoven, narrative, filled with colorful characters that went far beyond the one-sided ‘life of Brian’ story that is commonly known and shared.

Most fascinating of all was the tale of a woman named Gormlaith, who crops up repeatedly as a link between the battle’s main protagonists. The story of her marriages and her children is inextricably linked with the main battle story, yet remains almost totally unknown outside of academia.

The team set out to tell a more comprehensive and more multi-faceted version of this thousand year old story, using today’s digital tools to bring to life individual voices and perspectives.

Following in the footsteps of historic storytelling on Twitter such as History Channel’s Titanic and BBC’s Jack the Ripper murders, 1014 RETOLD was born, with the aim of creating a social media driven commemoration of Battle of Clontarf using multiple perspectives that are not often given much airtime.

Thanks must go to Dr. Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin (NUI Maynooth), Prof. Sean Duffy (Trinity College Dublin), and Dr. Sparky Booker (Trinity College Dublin) for their time and input into the project.

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