What is 1014 retold?

The Battle of Clontarf in 1014 resulted in the biggest death toll ever in Irish history.
One thousand years on, stories about this famous battle tend to revolve around the High King of Ireland, Brian Boru. Dig a bit deeper into the ancient sources and other perspectives emerge...

1014 RETOLD is a Twitter retelling of the events leading up to the Battle of Clontarf from multiple perspectives.

From 7th April 2014, the people of 1014 come to life on Twitter. As well as Brian Boru, a host of other characters tweet their side of the story, including the little-known Irish queen Gormlaith, Sitric Silkbeard and his wife Slaine, Irish Kings Mael Morda and Mael Sechnaill, and of course viking invaders Sigurd and Brodir.

Join the battle. Take sides.

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